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Colt Government MKIV Series 70 .45 Auto Pistol,
Caspian Arms .45 Caliber G. Madore (slide) Pistol,
Colt Officer Caspian Arms (slide) caliber Pistol,
Para-Ordnance Model P12-45 Pistol
.45 Caliber, Para-Ordnance Model P14-45 Caspian Arms (slide) .45 Caliber Pistol,
Smith & Wesson Model 686-3 357 Mag Revolver,
Smith & Wesson Model 500 Revolver with Compensator 500 Mag,
Smith & Wesson Model 629-5 Revolver 44 Mag,
Two Pettengill revolvers Civil War Era double action revolvers because of the design only
3400 were produced,
Iver Johnson Hercules Grade Double Barrel shotgun,
Mossberg Maverick Model 88 12 Gauge pump action shotgun,
Iver Johnson Champion 12 Gauge Shotgun,
Martin Firearms Model 336 RC Cal 35 Rem Lever action Rifle,
Stevens Model 954 Cal 22 L.R. Rifle with clip,
Japanese Military Bolt Action Rifle, Spanish Military Rifle Bolt Auction with sight,
Knight 50 Cal Black Powder Model LK 93,
Single Shot 32 Cal rifle,

Ammunition New in Box and Reloads including 12 cases of Remington Express Rifle 223
REM, Primers: 223/556, 38 SPL., 357, 45 ACP, FMJ & PD, 44 Mag, 257 Mag, 10 mm,
20 gauge, 12 gauge, 12 gauge and 22 cal.,
gun cases, replica flintlock handguns,